skype-rick.willey2-international-counsellorHello! Welcome to my blog at Spiritual Discussions! My Name is Rick Willey and before we start our discussion. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little about me. You do want to know who’s writing this don’t you?

I’m currently 55 years old and have driven a semi truck all across The U.S. For the past 19 years or so. I’ve seen most of this beautiful country and am always amazed at the different cultures of each state. One thing about me being a truck driver; it doesn’t leave a lot of time for a social life or much else for that matter! So That being said; this blog will be posted to at rather irregular times with irregular frequency. I’ll do my best to be as regular as possible but work and family come first!

I’m Married to my beautiful wife Sheila who has a daughter that has given us three awesome grandchildren. I also have a Daughter who has two sons of her own and a Son. Both from a previous marriage.

We currently live in Fond du lac Wisconsin . I enjoy camping and riding my 98 Harley Roadking.

So…Why would a guy like me write a blog about Spirituality? Am I some kind of religious freak? Not on your Life! But something unexpected happened to me in June of 2012. I’ve always had a believe in GOD ( or a higher intelligence. The name here is not important so if the term “GOD” is uncomfortable to you, replace it with your own term. It’s just what I’m used to) but religion just turned me off. Quite frankly it still does. More on that later.

It seemed to me that GOD was hiding. I heard many speak about how GOD did this for them or GOD did that. How GOD had changed there life. Well, after almost 20 years of trying to figure out how to improve MY life, I got fed up one day and just asked, “ GOD Why do you hide!? Where are you!?”. I really meant it! It was a cry from the deepest part of me I could find at the time. I wasn’t depressed or anything. I guess you could say my soul was just exhausted. I was seeking! Well, the funny thing is almost like in the movie Forrest Gump, GOD showed up two days later.

I was delivering a load in the Chicago area, and while waiting for an open dock, a funny feeling about me. I looked at my right hand and for some reason it was strangely unfamiliar to me! Like I’d never seen it before! Yet I knew and even told myself “This is weird! I know I’ve had this hand and this body for 50+ years! Why does it seem so weird to me now!?” I did sort of a self check! Yep the world is still here! The trees all look the same… Am I still me? AH HA! I was still me! But yet I was a “ME” (caps intended to differentiate) looking at myself!

Now your saying as you read this. “What the bippity-blank does THAT mean? A ME looking at myself?” Hmmm… That my friends is what this blog is all about!

 My sense of self was gone. The “me” that felt separate, alone, small and afraid was missing! Yet I was still here! Any feelings of unworthiness, fear, being unloved, hated, etc were just NOT present! There was no judgment about me being right or wrong on anything! I had no preferences to speak of because it was ALL beautiful! Talk about Heaven!! And yet there was also the awareness that the “me” that felt all those things was still present. Just now; I ( as in my Spiritual self) was allowed to look in on that person I thought I was! The truth was revealed to me that I was more than a mind or a body! Not from an intellectual “I believe” place, but from an experiential knowledge!

 So my friends, it is with this purpose that I write this blog! To point out that there is SO much more to you and I than our body and mind! To share with you the many paths to find that place inside all of us! ( By the way; that scared little lonely me is still here and still the center of my experience, I’m sad to say. But the knowledge that that is not the REAL me will never leave! Thank GOD!)

So the purpose of this blog is not to preach (though I may tend to sound that way at times. Hey I’m still human LOL so forgive me!) but to learn from you and share what I know to be true from an experience that has no opinion about it. Even if “ I ” do!

I look forward to comments that will deepen my understanding of this experience as well as any questions or whatever is on your mind to help you deepen your life experience.


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