About Rev. Rick Willey

I am deeply devoted to and passionate about spiritual and personal development. I offer the opportunity of awakening spiritually through Pathways of Light Spiritual College Courses, both in groups and by correspondence. I love helping people access their Inner Guidance to heal their mind through the one-on-one Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling. I also offer Weddings, Funeral services and many other spiritual ceremonies/rituals upon request. I am a retired military veteran having done service in the Marines, Army, and Navy reserve. I also drove truck for 16 plus years. All that moving about the world has taught me that underneath all the cultural differences, people just want to be loved and accepted. What God has shown me is that under all our grievances, His love is preserved for us to rediscover. I've studied many spiritual teachings including Christianity, the ancient Emerald tablets of Thoth. Kabbalah, Greek Mythology and mysticism as well as Archetypal Psychology and other topics on my own time for many years. I have no degree or formal education in these topics. My fascination with the human mind and mans search for meaning beyond what he can see drives me to continuously educate myself. I offer: Inner Wisdom Counseling Healing Inner child 8week program Spiritual Awaking program And Facilitation of The Pathways of Light Minister Training I look forward to partnering with you in this rediscovery of God's Love as we work together to remove the blocks to His awareness.