1. wonderful to be connected to like minded people here on this post ! Namaste’

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    • Glad you enjoy my postings Joyce! Hope you will continue to add comments and contribute to the value for other readers and myself! Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you very much Rick for bringing the suggestion of looking to your community.

    I was raised by my Grandmother who was a Pentecostal Christian. I learned to read at age four with my Grandmother using the New Testament as my textbook and, although I am not religious, I have a deep interest in the person known as Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings.

    Notwithstanding the shortcomings of the accepted canon, and without regard to supernatural possibilities as to his nature, I find him to be human, and his teachings to be shaped by his love for humanity. There is much in the accounts of his work that speaks to his insights into the nature and cure of human misery, and they ring perfectly true to me. I have greater respect for him than for any other guide to human deliverance from torment and suffering that I know of.

    Thinking of him, my mind often goes to the phrase ‘born again’, which is, after all, exactly what the simple movement of attention that we call ‘looking at yourself’ brings about – a complete and fundamental rebirth of the mind, now free of the cloud of guilt and fear that causes such horror in the world of human activity.


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    • John, What an Honor to have you read and comment here!! Thank you so much for stopping by! As well as for the teaching you give so many! I’ve learned so much from you and appreciate the simplicity of your message. Hope you drop by again!

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