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Have you lost your focus?

Is your Mind or your Life spinning out of control?

Are you seeking Inner Peace?

Often there are times when we feel overwhelmed by life situations and need some help to cope with things. In these times it is easy to forget that problems can be resolved by the same mind that sees it as too big or large to resolve on our own.

I Understand Inner mental noise

The dynamics of the mind have always fascinated me, and my Life’s journey has brought me to the study of counseling and Spirituality. I was Ordained By Pathways of Light Spiritual College in January of 2015. I have been engaged in Private Counseling Practice ever since, restoring peace and love to hundreds of people and their relationships!

Being skilled in several counseling modalities provides me with a great repertoire and enables me to find the perfect modality that is best suited for you. Be nurtured, supported and encouraged back to mental, Spiritual, and emotional health.

Find out how to rekindle that energetic essence of love that you truly are! Manifest your dreams from a source of strength, beauty and Inner Peace.

I have a message for you that will
turn your life around!

I will Provide you with a discrete, non-judgmental environment, I will empower you to discover healthier, more constructive ways of coping with life’s situations and the mental Script that accompanies those situations.

There are “aspects” of you that can be released and explored in the safety of a counseling environment. This inner exploration will enable you to enhance your connection with your inner self. This, in turn, has a snowball effect, enhancing your relationship with your partner, children, family and wider community so that you can enjoy life with the power to choose, rather than going along with the flow.

Phone now: (920) 251-1275

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Discover the journey to restoring peace, love, and calmness back into your life and all of your relationships with with a skilled professional coach!
You deserve the best support and the best life ever!

Rev. Rick Willey also offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

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