The Law Of Receiving.

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The Law Of Receiving states that in order to receive we must be willing to give. We’ve all heard this before. But Most of us misinterpret what it really means. We often resort to “horse trading” and terms like “A tit for a tat”. The job mentality is full of this. We often trade eight to ten hours a day in trade for x number of dollars. While this form of the Law Of Receiving is obvious, I think there is a deeper meaning that we often miss.

There is a song called “GET CLOSER” by Seals & Croft that goes:

Darling if you want me to be, closer to you Get closer to me.

Darling if you want me to be, closer to you Get closer to me.

Darling if you want me to love, love only you. Then love only me.

Darling if you want me to see, see only you Then see only me.” Source:

That song teaches a good point! Are you giving the love that you want? If not, then you have broken the Law Of Receiving and can not expect things to come your way. This is where the  “horse trading” mentality get’s us in trouble! Love cannot be traded for! It can only be given or shared! If we love with the expectation of getting something, then love is not truly in us. Give love truly and true love will come your way ten fold!

I want to be very clear that the term “true love” here makes no reference to the romantic relationship type of love we normally associate with. I’m making reference to the true love that comes from GOD. Without judgment, criticism, or expectations of any kind.

Practicing The Law Of Receiving is simple and actually quite easy. Give the things from your heart that you most want. Smile and compliment people more. Give loving appreciation to everything around you! Make it a habit by practicing it until it becomes part of your nature. I’ve been doing this for about a year and can testify to the effect! I feel lighter, happier and more loving on an almost daily basis. I’m not sure yet if others notice the change but what do I care? I NOTICE! And I like the new me I’m becoming as a result of this practice.

Deepok Chopra has excellent instructions on how to put  the Law Of Receiving into practice! You can find it by clicking here.

Receiving is graciously allowing something to come to you. Most of us concentrate on receiving and attracting material things. Money and all the things it can buy. The biggest and perhaps hardest lesson I learned about any of these universal laws is this. LOVE OPENS UP THE DOOR TO ALL THAT IS!

Why would it not!? Everyone knows that GOD is the source of all things, so if we can learn to love all things, why would it be held from us? This is why an attitude of gratitude will take us to a new altitude! icon smile The Law Of Receiving. Give love to all things and the love of all things will come to you.

Since most of us want to receive more money. Let’s talk about that for just a moment. Do the same principles apply? Of course! Then the next obvious question is “ I Love money, why don’t I have more?”

Remember in my earlier post I talked about my T.F.A.R© formula? Get on the R.A.F.T.! What are your real thoughts and beliefs about money and the people that have it? What did your culture teach you that your still hanging onto? Where can you find new mentors that will help you replace the teachings you grew up with?

By putting these principles into practice I’ve found that things are slowly taking a turn for the better. I know that if you follow that same advice. You’ll make the turn too!

Next we’ll talk more about money and The Law Of Compensation.

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